Our New Program

Now Offering Under 10% rate on flip loans at 75% LTV with no strings attached!

We are offering the Same Amazing Service with great new terms:

2.5 points and 9.99% interest rate on loans with 9 month term. Great for flips

  • We lend on commercial properties as well! Loan amounts up to $5 million
  • All loans stated income and stated asset programs. No income verifications or FICO minimums

Purchases and refi’s with max LTV of 75% on residential property purchases

  • We allow entities of al types: LLC, Self-Directed IRA, etc
  • Call Jeff at 866-779-2453 or email Jeff@djjordanfunding.com for more details!
  • Fast approval (24 hours)

Or choose our longer term! 5 year term. No Prepayment penalty! As low as 2.5 points and 10.99% interest rate

Lending throughout Texas since 2004.

We have successfully funded over 2500 investor loans in the state of Texas!